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Don’t get spooked this Halloween

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Happy Halloween! It’s that spooky time of year when both children and adults dress up and go to parties. With the big holiday season underway there’s a lot of fun to be had over the coming weeks and months. However, the office party is no excuse to scale back on the cybersecurity awareness efforts.

Now that Covid restrictions are being lifted in many places, people are beginning to return to the office, full time or with a hybrid work arrangement. This means that office parties will once again be on the menu, and that’s great as they have been sorely missed. However, one thing that hasn’t been missed is the risk of unknown and uninvited individuals getting into secure areas of the workplace. Office parties create the perfect opportunity for just that type of risk.

Play it safe this Halloween

This Halloween AwareGO has released a brand new Halloween-themed security awareness video to remind people of this office party risk. To stay true to the spookiness of Halloween it, of course, features a vampire. Because, as we all know, letting a vampire into your house is quite risky and can have serious consequences.

Since we are dedicated to making the world a more cybersecure place, and because we want to have fun, we’re releasing the video for free to all who wish to improve their cybersecurity and party on! We hope you enjoy it and share it with your office party invitations!

We’re all in security these days

Everyone in the workplace has a responsibility when it comes to security. It’s important that outsiders don’t get access to sensitive or confidential data. Many organizations use access control such as keycards or turnstiles to help keep the workplace safe. But regardless of what security measures our workplace uses, unauthorized people might still get in. These office party poopers could do a lot of damage to the workplace, such as stealing sensitive or confidential information, spoiling data, or even doing physical damage to the company’s belongings.

3 things to keep the office party safe

  1. Make sure that the office party is “employees only”
  2. Accompany non-employees at all times
  3. Ask around if you see an unfamiliar face at the party

It is our job to safeguard the workplace and confront people we don’t know, even if we might be wrong. Office parties are no exception. They can make our workplace vulnerable to intruders, especially if there is alcohol involved. So even if we work for a large organization and don’t know everyone, we should ask around if we see an unfamiliar face at the office party. Let’s all party on safely!

Happy & safe Halloween from CyberLabs360 team.

“This Blog was first published on the website of our security awareness training partner AWAREGO”.

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