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Why CyberLabs 360?

How do you build a cyber-resilient organization? First, train your front-line employees to become your human firewalls. Your software developers need AppSec training to deliver secure code on time. Your information security teams need hands-on operational skills training to effectively combat cybersecurity threats to business infrastructure. Legacy cybersecurity training unfortunately has not kept pace with the changing threat vectors and security needs of the enterprise.
CyberLabs’ vision is to transform cybersecurity training for today’s digital enterprises. We provide immersive learning content that is role-based and delivered on-demand at the point of need. We have partnered with some of the best-in-class content providers to offer you a comprehensive cybersecurity training portfolio. It is powered by gamification and hands-on labs to provide a fun and engaging learning environment.
Be on top of competency development initiatives and address cybersecurity skills shortages proactively. CyberLabs helps you accelerate your workforce development initiatives through up-skilling, re-skilling and continuous cybersecurity learning at scale.

Immersive Cybersecurity Content

Delivered On-Demand at the Point of Need

Curated Content Collection

Curated Content Collection

Engaging content from the best content providers and hands-on labs to ensure relevance and retention.
Hands-On Labs

Rapid Time to Value

Learning content delivered at point of need for your distributed workforce. Eliminate expensive off-site training costs.
Fun & Engaging

Accelerate New Employee On-Boarding

Learning paths to facilitate competency development for new hires and upskilling of existing teams.
Global Standards

Align with NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework

Reorganize cybersecurity competency development to align with NIST cybersecurity guidelines.

Meet Our Awesome Partners

We are partnering with a growing list of best-in-class cybersecurity content providers to ensure our solutions are aligned with the needs of the marketplace and refreshed on an ongoing basis.
Our partners bring deep subject matter expertise to ybersecurity. They serve some of the best-known companies around the world, including Fortune 1000 and emerging businesses.
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